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ISO 17025

ISO 17025:2005 is the main standard used by testing and calibration laboratories. This International Standard specifies the general requirements for the competence to carry out the test and/or calibrations, including samplings. Originally known as ISO Guide 25, ISO17025 was initially issued by the ISO in 1999. it applies directly to those organisations that produce testing and calibration results. This international standard is applicable to all organizations performing tests and or Calibrations. These include for example, first , second and third party laboratories, and laboratories where testing and/or calibration forms part of inspection and product certification”

There are two main sections in ISO 17025 - Management Requirements and Technical Requirements. Management requirements are primarily related to the operation and effectiveness of the quality management system within the laboratory. Technical requirements address the competence of staff, methodology and test/calibration equipment.

Laboratories use ISO 17025 to implement a quality system aimed at improving their ability to consistently produce valid results. It is also the basis for accreditation from an Accreditation Body.

Since the standard is about competence, accreditation is simply formal recognition of a demonstration of that competence.
The Government of India has authorized NABL as the accreditation body for testing and calibration laboratories.

NABL is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It operates as an autonomous body under the aegis of in the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.NABL has been established with the objective of providing Government, Industry Associations and Industry in general with a scheme of laboratory accreditation which involves third-party assessment of the technical competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

Benefits of ISO 17025

ISO 17025 is the single most important metrology standard for test and measurement products. It will help to give you confidence in the calibration decisions you make. ISO 17025 enables key advantages to specifiers and users of calibration services:
  • Provides additional information about the quality of each measurement made during the calibration process
  • Enables assessment of relative quality and capability of different calibration laboratories
  • Enables easy comparison of measurement expertise from different calibration suppliers
  • Enables easy comparison of suppliers in different countries
  • Eliminates the need for supplier auditing - calibration suppliers independently verified through the accreditation process
  • ISO 17025 and IEC 17025 Laboratory Accreditation is the criteria for laboratories to demonstrate the technical competence to carry out specific test methods; generate valid calibration data, test results, and operate an effective quality system. ISO 17025 applies to any organization that wants to assure its customers of its precision, accuracy and repeatability of results.
  • ISO 17025 certified manufacturers demonstrate to their customers that the product quality laboratories optimally perform specified tests on the products supplied; laboratory personnel are trained and qualified to conduct these tests; instruments utilized are calibrated and serviced, results are properly reported, and that all of these processes have been confirmed by an independent auditor.
  • Customers expect results provided by the supplier's laboratory to be as accurate and objective as those conducted by an independent laboratory or at the customer's laboratory.
  • Analytical tests and associated data generated by accredited supplier laboratories are typically not reproduced by the clients that purchase the products. With measurement and measurement related operations estimated to account for 3% to 6% of industrialized countries’ GDP, accredited laboratories are able to command higher prices than their non-accredited competitors.

Who is ISO / IEC 17025 applicable to?

It applies directly to those organisations that produce testing and calibration results. This international standard is applicable to all organizations performing tests and or Calibrations. These include first, second and third party laboratories, and laboratories where testing and/or calibration forms part of inspection and product certification”How can ISO – Consultants help you to achieve ISO/ IEC 17025 Certification?ISO – Consultants will assist your organization in ISO awareness training, documentation, implementation, internal auditing and overall process optimization as per ISO/ IEC 17025 standard. ISO – Consultants is a result oriented professional training and certification service providers, offering systematic approaches to improve quality and effectiveness of the system and enhance the productivity by offering systematic approaches. Our main objective is to help you and your organization improve profitability, through better utilization of all of your resources .

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